Meredith (bizarre) wrote in truebrucefan,

I *had* to send this e-mail

Dearest Bruce, my favorite of all the actors-

I got a gander at the new show, Burn Notice.
I have to say that I am impressed.

I welcome you back to the small screen with open arms!

You would have to be a crazy fool not to accept that role.
You get to wear your favorite type of shirts AND get paid for it.

But those sandals, Bruce! Those god awful sandals.
You know what I'm talking about.
The scene when Sam goes to meet up with the Feds and Michael tails him.
As the camera pans to follow you into to diner, we get a full body shot of Sam.
We see the trademark Hawaiian shirt, white linen pants, and...THOSE HIDEOUS SANDALS!

Please tell me they were at least comfortable...

You are FAR too sexy to be wearing those ugly things on your feet.
However, I must confess, I don't normally focus my view on your feet.

I am now, and always will be, a fan.

Your Freaky Weirdo Wisconsin Fan,
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